Welcome Back, Life Jacket Loaner Sites!

For more than 15 years the BoatU.S. Foundation has administered the Life Jacket Loaner program. We would like to thank you for your continued service and commitment to the program. Without you, this great program would not exist!

If you have any pictures or press clippings for your site, or any questions or concerns please email them to me at ljlp@boatus.com or mail them to:

BoatU.S. Foundation 
Attn: Alanna Keating 
147 Old Solomon’s Island Rd. 
Suite 513 
Annapolis MD 21401

Letters, Forms and Flyers for Your Site!

While our experience has shown that most people return the jackets that they borrow in a timely manner, there will always be individuals who need a friendly reminder. We now offer a sample letter that you can send to borrowers when needed. Click here to download the PDF

Promote your site with these handy new flyers!

Click to download the Borrower Liability Release Form