Kids Afloat Program

The BoatUS Foundation Kids Afloat Program provides local, US based nonprofit organizations an opportunity to apply to purchase kid-sized life jackets at a discounted rate of $5 per jacket (jackets retail for about $30) to be used in their on-the-water programs.
Currently we are not accepting applications for this program however you may purchase discounted life jackets here.

The program is for nonprofit organizations that provide on-the-water education programs to kids. Organization should already have existing, frequent, on-the-water programs, such as educational boat trips or kayak excursions. Organizations that also incorporate boating safety and clean water education into their programs will be favored. If your organization does not provide safe and clean boating education already, you will need to include these topics in your programming to be eligible to purchase the discounted life jackets.

The Foundation has a limited supply of vest style Type II and Type III life jackets available for purchase. These jackets come in Infant (0-30 lbs), Child (30-50 lbs), Youth (50-90 lbs) and Adult (90+ lbs) sizes. The life jackets are yellow and blue with the BoatUS Foundation’s logo.

If you have questions about the Kids Afloat Program, contact

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