a small marina sits near a mountain, with kayakers in the water
a small marina sits near a mountain, with kayakers in the water
Jim Martin and Susan Shingledecker

Jim Martin of Berkley Conservation Institute for his partnership with BoatUS Foundation for the Reel In & Recycle program, and his commitment to collect all the fishing line for the program and ensure it’s recycled. Since 1990, Berkley has recycled nine million miles of fishing line - enough to reach the moon and back 19 times. For his hard work, dedication and expertise, Martin, Conservation Director with the Berkley Conservation Institute, is honored with the BoatUS Foundation Environmental Leadership Award. The award was presented at the 2013 States Organization for Boating Access (SOBA) Conference last week in Portland, OR.

Jim’s long-term commitment to fishing line recycling has allowed the concept and the program to really take hold nationwide. Fishing line can be a tough material to recycle, so Berkley’s devotion to this program is noteworthy.

Beyond Martin’s work with Berkley Conservation Institute, he is currently the Chairman of the Policy Council of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership a leading organization working to ensure hunting and fishing access for all Americans. He also is a science and policy advisor for the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association and led the development of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds, a model state conservation plan.

Vivian Matuk

Vivian Matuk from the California Department of  Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission was awarded the BoatU.S. Foundation Environmental Leadership Award. Vivian’s efforts and accomplishments are many. She spearheaded both the "Keep the Delta Clean Program" and the "Boating Clean and Green Campaign." She has supplied support and technical assistance to over 120 governmental agencies on pollution prevention and clean boating and has developed and implemented innovative source reduction and recycling programs.

Vivian knows clean boating issues first hand and has experience with face-to-face boater education, during visits to marinas, launch ramps and boat shows to distribute boater information kits. She is not afraid to tackle the tough clean boating challenges as evidenced through her work on the issues of flare disposal and the development of absorbent exchange programs. Vivian also understands and works to measure the benefits of her efforts to help make the case for continued funding of clean boating programs.

The BoatU.S. Foundation specifically has worked closely with Vivian for many years on a number of programs, specifically their Help Stop the Drops clean fueling program and the Reel In and Recycle monofilament recycling program. Vivian helped to develop the measurement protocols for monofilament line collection and the program is stronger as a result of her research. She personally oversees over 40 line recycling bins in the state of California and the Foundation knows that a site where Vivian is involved will provide data reporting. Vivian is a tremendous resource constantly providing perspective from boaters and marinas in California to help inform the Foundation’s national perspective. Vivian’s determination and follow through combined with her positive attitude and technical knowledge have garnered her respect from the national clean boating community and have enabled her to develop effective programs that deliver results.

Gary Klein of Weatherford, Texas, and Tim Horton of Florence, Ala., were awarded the 2009 BoatU.S. Foundation Environmental Leadership Award. They understand all too well that in order to catch the big one, we have to take care of our waterways. They spearheaded a waterway cleanup in advance of the 2008 Professional Anglers Association Corporate Cup on Pickwick Lake.

The day before the tournament they organized 13 boats of tournament anglers to clean up the lake. “We try to leave it better then the way we found it” says Klein, as the tournament anglers hauled in more garbage than the bags could hold – hundreds of pounds of trash, tires and broken chairs.

Professional anglers are at the top of the list of true conservationists. We teach it to youth and we want to show it by our actions…and we live it. Fishing is our passion so we’ll do what we can to preserve it. Tim Horton

Russ Robinson, Recreational Boaters of California

H.P. Sandy Purdon, founder of the "Clean Marinas California" Program

Environmental Leadership Commendations

David White - NY Sea Grant

April Price - Treasure Coast, FL

The Association of Marine Industries of Long island, NY

Punta Gorda Boaters Alliance - Punta Gorda, FL

Chris Wilke - Seattle, WA

Eric Olson - Seattle, WA

Vivian Matuk - San Francisco, CA

Robert Butler - San Diego, CA

Island County Beach Watchers - Coupeville, WA

Scott Hopkins - Marco Island, FL

Peter Hall - Gloucester Point, VA

The Kaskaskia Mariners Association - Marissa, IL

Clyde Ford - Bellingham, WA

Friends of Barren River Lake - Glasgow, KY

Jim Brown and the Lake County Airboat Association - Florida

Michael Danko, New Jersey Sea Grant - New Jersey

Friends of the Rappahannock - Virginia

Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron - Oklahoma

Will Keene, Edson Corp. - Massachusetts

Dewayne Hollin, Texas Sea Grant - Texas

Donna Morrow, Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Maryland

OCSC (Olympic Circle Sailing Club) Sailing - California

Gregory Reynolds - Palm Beach County, Florida

Doug Truston, Wormley Creek Marina - Virginia