Courseline Rules for Posting Courses

Each course listing posted must include the following information:

  1. Course title: Course titles are provided for convenience only and do not imply a specific copyrighted curriculum or course provider. Course titles are understood to be generic and not the trademark or sole property of any provider.
  2. Course location: Courses offered in private residences do not qualify for listing in the BoatU.S. Foundation's Courseline Online. All courses listed must be held in public areas. If a course listing is found to include a location in a private residence this will constitute a violation of the Terms of Use and such course listing will be removed without any prior notice to the provider. Course provider may also be barred from future access to the Service at the sole discretion of BoatU.S. Foundation.
  3. Course cost: Including all additional fees, taxes and surcharges.
  4. Contact details: At least one contact name, email and/or phone number must be included.

Any misrepresentation of all or any part of the information required or contained in a post, will constitute violation of the Terms of Use and result in immediate removal of all listings without any prior notice to the user responsible as well as possible restriction on future access to the Service.

If a course listed on the Service is canceled, course provider shall note such on the course listing as soon as is practicable, by deleting or amending the dates listed in the Service.

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